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About Us

Our Strenghts

Webzwin is a Communications & IT Consulting Agency providing a wide range of complete, customized, high-performance communication and web solutions. We pride ourselves on our over 15 years developping communication projects for institutions and enterprises, in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Europe and the USA.

We provide technical assistance to help our clients ascertain their needs and successfully implement their project. We advise them on communication strategies and develop solutions that best fit their objectives and financial parameters.

Quality of services provided

Our team works with passion to achieve the highest standards. We are adept at working successfully either from remote locations or side-by-side with our clients, using all available communication modes, sharing and project management tools.

Webzwin prides itself on its rigor, flexibility, attention to detail, responsiveness and customer service. Our staff reflects our most fundamental principle: to satisfy our clients by achieving the very highest levels of quality.



At Webzwin, we develop your communication strategy and coordinate the necessary actions to achieve your communication goals: formulate your communication objectives, identify your audiences, draft relevant message(s), suggest appropriate communication tools, build media strategy, establish communication budget and define indicators of achievement.


Webzwin's designers have a wealth of expertise and experience, so you can rest assured that you will receive an exclusive, original and professional-quality logo. We will create a meaningful image that conveys the aspirations and values of your company or institution. We will build a strong visual identity that will improve your image and credibility.


At Webzwin, we have a longstanding working experience designing communication tools. Our deep knowledge of graphic composition and visual expression, and our firm understanding of font combinations, colour separations and master pages will guarantee to your projects creativity, originality, consistency and elegance.


If you feel restricted by the same old power point way of getting your messages through, we can offer you dynamic alternatives. Our motion graphic designers animate your presentation for wide and creative impact. We make it clear, lively, succinct and fun so you will easily catch your audience attention and generate its interest.


Websites, portals, intranets, extranets, apps… at Webzwin, we have advanced skills in web design and a clear understanding of web usability to create original, effective and elegant interfaces. Our developers can build complex architectures and manage heavy database to make your content easily accessible and searchable by your visitors.


Our web designers and interface experts are both creative and pragmatic, and have vast experience in designing and organizing online stores. The products in your catalog will be promoted effectively and your brand's image and credibility will be improved through a professional looking e-commerce. With Webzwin, you can win on the web!


Webzwin experts optimize and adjust your content and site map so that search engines can read it and analyze it more easily (SEO).
Through paid advertising (AdWords or image ads), they promote your website by increasing its visibility in search engine results and social media to generate more traffic to your website (SEM).